The Friends of Hill Top School Association was established in 1997 by a former student of the school. Over the years Hill Top School has had communications from a number of former students, and an extensive database had been established. From that database invitation were sent each year to former students, inviting them to the annual Founders day celebrations occurring in June each year, to commemorate the founding of the School by its Founder Miss Phyllis Boult.
In preparation for a reunion at the school which occurred in 1999 the Friends of Hill Top School was established.
Since 1999 the Friends have supported the school, establishing the Perservando awards, arranging guest speakers to the annual Founders Day celebration, and providing additional assistance at school events by making available videos of the schools major productions for fundraising purposes.
Each year the Year 8 school leavers are inducted into the Friends Association free of any charge.
For our 90th Birthday the Friends  organised a big birthday celebration which culminated in a major production to which all members were invited to join with the School in celebrating our very special year. We staged the production at the Auckland Town Hall which I am sure you will agree was a fitting place to celebrate our 90th Birthday. For those of you unlucky enough not to have attended we have created a DVD/Video of the event which is available for purchase from the Friends. Please use Contact to let us know if you would like a copy.
The Friends also completed a DVD/Video for the 90th Birthday called "The First 90 years". With this DVD/Video is a bonus section incoporating the DVD Friends completed of the 10th Decade of the school. This was completed with the assistance of a student who had been at the school for the 10th decade and recounts the things that happened at the school during that time. Please use Contact us if you would like to purchase a copy.
One of the largest tasks for the Friends is identifying the whereabouts of its former students, and those who have had association with the school during the years as parents, grandparents, teachers, staff or interested friends, to ensure that you are all invited to participate and enjoy the comradeship which is such a special part of Hill Top School.
Please assist this task and take the time to fill in the membership form on this web site. We hope you will take part in the various activities at the school, and look forward to especially seeing you at  our 100th year celebration.

Rhonda Evans

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